50% to Charity. 50% to Winner. 100% Local!

STL 50/50 charity raffle holds one raffle per month featuring a different charity each time. 50% of raffle sales will be awarded to the person with the winning ticket and 50% will be given to a charity improving our region. It’s a win-win!

View full raffle contest rules here.

Raffle Ends December 31, 2020 at 12pm

Raffle Supports

Youth In Need supports children, teens and families in crisis so they can build their own futures. Services include emergency youth shelter, transitional youth housing, homeless street outreach, early childhood education, counseling, and more.

Every Ticket Counts

This is what your STL 50/50 tickets can do!

$10 in tickets

pays for 1 day of bus passes for a child in need

$40 in tickets

pays for 1 week of food for a teen in an emergency shelter

$80 in tickets

pays for 1 week of operating the street outreach van


Thank you to the sponsors who make this raffle possible!

Join our team of supporters. Learn more here.


Youth in Need – Crossing the Finish Line
Natasha is a runner. She says that, when she runs, it’s just her and the track, and nothing else matters.  One day, the police found her mother dead in her car and she moved …