50% to Charity • 50% to Winner • 100% Local!

STL 50/50 charity raffle holds one raffle per month featuring a different charity each time. 50% of raffle sales will be awarded to the person with the winning ticket and 50% will be given to a charity improving our region. It’s a win-win!

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Raffle Ends February 28, 2021 at 12pm

Raffle Supports

Gateway Greening supports over 240 community and youth gardens, and 40 urban orchards. They believe that by educating and empowering individuals through gardening and urban agriculture, they can connect people to the land, to their food and most importantly, to each other. Gateway Greening is a community of gardeners, farmers, teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers and volunteers building deeply rooted, resilient urban communities throughout St. Louis.

Every Ticket Counts

This is what your STL 50/50 tickets can do!

$10 in tickets

pays for a season of seedlings for a school garden

$40 in tickets

pays for a garden hose or fruit tree for a school or community

$80 in tickets

pays for a raised bed with soil for a school or community


Thank you to the sponsors who make this raffle possible!

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