150 Tickets


150 Tickets for the STL 50/50 raffle

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Raffle will start in :

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Estimated amount of 50-50 split is currently at $225.00

This purchase is for one-hundred and fifty (150) entry tickets for the STL 50/50 raffle.

Digital tickets will be sent to the inbox of the email address you provided during checkout within approximately 15 minutes of your purchase. No printed/physical tickets will be issued for STL 50/50 raffles.

50% of total sales will be awarded to the person with the winning ticket and 50% will be given to charities improving our region.

Due to differing state raffle laws, only residents of Missouri are currently eligible to enter and win the raffle. We anticipate opening the raffle up to residents of Illinois in late 2021 or early 2022.

Official rules of the 50/50 raffle may be found here.

Privacy policy may be found here.

Refunds will typically not be allowed, but you may contact Givable to make a request for one using the contact form found here.